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Enduro Training Day: May 3rd

Enduro Training Day: May 10th

Enduro Training Day: May 17th

Enduro Training Day: May 24th

Enduro Training Day: May 31st

Suspension Setup Day: May 3rd

Suspension Setup Day: May 10th

Suspension Setup Day: May 17th

Suspension Setup Day: May 24th

Suspension Setup Day: May 31st

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All your off road training needs in one school. From our Try Out Days, Nippers’ schools, 1-to-1 training and enduro schools, we treat all levels of riders with the same professionalism and with the enthusiasm. We want to make you a better rider.

Whether you are taking your first tentative steps in off road on our relaxed Try Out Days or are looking to take your riding to the next level with our Enduro School, OFF ROAD TRYOUT is your one-stop shop for riding off road.

With a lifetime of experience competing at the highest level and a wealth of experience instructing and coaching riders of all abilities, our aim is to bring the best from you and help you enjoy dirt bikes as much as we do.

Husqvarna Off Road Tryouts, UK
Husqvarna Off Road Tryouts, UK
Husqvarna Off Road Tryouts, UK


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