Enduro Schools From beginners to championship level riders, our Enduro Schools run through the essential elements of enduro riding and technique to help you improve as a rider.

Whether you want to get more enjoyment from your riding at club level or shave seconds off special tests, we can help achieve your goals. Choice of venues in sandy Suffolk, Essex Clay, South of England and rugged Wales!

What does the day consist of:

Enduro School Day

Off Road Training is a Day spent at our purpose built sand based Off Road Compound consisting of 4 Tracks: (Butley venue only)

Track 1. Beginners Trail Loop
Track 2. MX Track
Track 3. Enduro Loop
Track 4. Enduro Cross track

Here we cater for everything from learning how to ride for the first time Improve your trail, adventure bike or Rally riding skills, improve your Enduro Technique and special test times, To Clearing the jumps and railing berms on the Moto Cross track or feet up though the Rock garden and over the logs on our Enduro Cross track.


£85  Using your own bike, kit, fuel.
£220 Using our bike, kit, fuel.

When booking in complete the form appropriately so we know what specific training you require whether it’s a Try out Day, Enduro, Mx, Enduro Cross, a mix of more than one and whether your first timers or already have some off road experience so we can tailor your day as best as possible.

2020 Enduro Course Dates:


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